Mar 29, 2008

TeamSeagrass featured in Nature Watch

The Team and our seagrasses are featured in the latest issue of Nature Watch, a magazine of the Nature Society (Singapore).

Read all about it on the Singapore Celebrates our Reefs blog.

Mar 22, 2008

Seagrass-Watch News Mar 08

Seagrass-Watch News Mar 08 (Issue 32 2008) has lots of fascinating articles!

There's good news! "While recent publications from around the world are reporting significant human impacts on marine ecosystems, the seagrasses of northern Australia, in particular northern Queensland, appear to contradict the global trend".

and in the Philippines...seagrass monitoring makes a difference in the setting up of protected areas!
"Four years after the baseline survey for seagrass in Roxas, Palawan was conducted, two marine protected areas with core seagrass areas in Caramay and Johnson Island have been established."

Closer to home...seagrass monitoring is a critical part of efforts to conserve Sungei Pulau Wetland.
And at home...our work is also featured in the Newsletter!

For Seagrassers who've always wanted to learn more about the icky stuff that grows on our seagrasses, find out all about them epibionts!and lots more too!!

Download the newsletter from the Seagrass-Watch site.

Mar 18, 2008

"Once Upon a Tree" episode about seagrasses tonight!

From the arts central website, here's the write up on episode .

Lost Connections

The Following is a Note from the Editor: I never knew Singapore waters to be so picturesque! It is as if someone polishes the surface of our waters everyday! You must see it to believe it. Of course I wanted to use every shot, but when you've made a career out of editing, as I have, you know that is not possible. Eventually, I pieced together the Battle of Labrador, something on Sea Grasses, Calendars, and Sports, based upon the theme Lost Connections. Cohost? Suelyn? Yummy. Definitely.

A little (water) bird said that this episode will be on seagrasses! And that must surely mean that our very own Siti will be featured!

And probably also something about the team as well?! So do watch the show, and share your comments and thoughts about it.

Mar 15, 2008

TeamSeagrass visits the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

This afternoon a small band of TeamSeagrass visited the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. There, under the able guidance of Sijie (a fellow Seagrasser), we learnt all about Singapore's wonderful natural heritage. More on the wildfilms blog.