Jun 9, 2015

Mark Your Calendar for Ubin Day and Festival of Biodiversity

The month of June is an exciting time for TeamSeaGrass as we look forward to be part of two major events that celebrates some of our most favourite things in the world: Pulau Ubin and biodiversity conservation. That’s right folks. TeamSeaGrass will be taking part in Ubin Day on 13 June and Festival of Biodiversity on 27 and 28 June. More information about these two events, including volunteering opportunities can be found below.

Ubin Day is a time where we all celebrate every bit of Ubin: its culture, kampung life, nature and wildlife, Ubin land and sea. Through these events, we hope to also raise awareness of Pulau Ubin and issues facing Pulau Ubin.

Ubin Day will be happening this weekend (13 and 14 June 2015). TeamSeaGrass will be setting up a booth on 13 June. More information about our booth can be found here. We will be there from 7am to 6pm at the Assembly Area opposite the HSBC Volunteer Hub and if you would like to join us to help out at our booth, please email us at teamseagrass@gmail.com and indicate the duration you would be helping out. We will get back to you with more details.

Otherwise, come visit us and say hi or join in the many activities offered by other groups and get to explore different sides of Ubin.  

The Festival of Biodiversity is back for the 4th year will be held over the weekend of 27 and 28 June at VivoCity.

The Festival is organised by NParks in collaboration with the Biodiversity Roundtable, a group of about 20 key representatives from various sectors of the biodiversity community which TeamSeaGrass is part of.

This year, learn more about local biodiversity through a display featuring 50 species of interesting flora and fauna closely linked to Singapore, a marine exhibition that brings the ocean to you, nature-themed craft workshops and booths showcasing the causes, research and activities of environmental groups!

The Festival is also adding a new element that will add variety and a new level of interactivity with the public: the Festival of Biodiversity Concert at the Amphitheatre (Level 3). The free concert will be played on both evenings. More information about the local musicians who will be performing at the concert can be found here.

For those of you who would like to be involved in the Festival, NParks is calling for volunteers to help them out in various activities such as running the booths, exhibition and children's art and craft workshops! Some of the TeamSeaGrass members have already signed up to help out. If you would also like to volunteer your time to help out at the event, please sign up at http://tinyurl.com/FOB2015Volunteer by 19 June 2015. You can indicate your preferred date, time slots and activities/roles in the form, and more details will be sent to you after you sign up.

See you at the events!

Jan 12, 2015

2015 TeamSeaGrass Monitoring Trips Are Up

Hi TeamSeaGrass,

A great 2015 to all. Hope everyone had a great year end break.

The 2015 monitoring dates have been finalised. As usual, they will  also be posted on the blog if you need to refer back.  A really good news is that we can finally return to Pulau Semakau (YAY!!), so we are back to our normal programme once again. Will need to point out that due to really lousy weekend tides this year, there will be 2 weekdays trips. These are CR01 and CJ03. Really sorry about this. Would really appreciate anyone’s effort to come join us for these weekdays trips. Other than that, the trips are actually pretty well spread out this year, with an average of 1 trip per month.

Here's how this year's monitoring dates look like

21 Mar (Sat): Chek Jawa (CJ01) 4pm - 8pm

22 Apr (Wed): Cyrene Reef (CR01) 6am - 10am* (Weekday trip)

9 May (Sat): Pulau Semakau (PS01) 6am - 11am

6 Jun (Sat): Chek Jawa (CJ02) 6am - 11am

5 Jul (Sun): Cyrene Reef (CR02) 6am to 11am*

2 Aug (Sun): Pulau Semakau (PS02) 6am to 10am

28 Oct (Wed): Chek Jawa (CJ03) 3pm to 7pm (Weekday trip)

28 Nov (Sat): Cyrene Reef (CR03) 4pm to 8pm*

12 Dec (Sat): Pulau Semakau (PS03) 4pm to 8pm

The first 3 trips of the year are up for sign ups. I will upload and announce the other sign up dates closer to the trips. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ teamseagrass/database Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.