Dec 21, 2012

Animals help pollinate and disperse seagrasses

Two recent studies reveal the role of marine creatures in pollinating seagrass flowers and dispersing their seeds!
Male turtlegrass flower with invertebrate.
Photo from article by  Brigit van Tussenbroek
on the World Seagrass Association blog
Tiny worms and crustacea visit the flowers of Thalassia testudinum while fish, terrapins, and birds may help disperse seeds of Zostera marina. Does the same kind of thing happen on our seagrass meadows? So much more to learn and discover!

Dec 16, 2012

Cyrene Reef (15 Dec 2012)

A small team monitored the seagrass meadows on Cyrene during a brief break in the wet weather, just before sunset.
We quickly set up for the monitoring after a safe arrival. How are the seagrasses doing on Cyrene?