Jan 12, 2015

2015 TeamSeaGrass Monitoring Trips Are Up

Hi TeamSeaGrass,

A great 2015 to all. Hope everyone had a great year end break.

The 2015 monitoring dates have been finalised. As usual, they will  also be posted on the blog if you need to refer back.  A really good news is that we can finally return to Pulau Semakau (YAY!!), so we are back to our normal programme once again. Will need to point out that due to really lousy weekend tides this year, there will be 2 weekdays trips. These are CR01 and CJ03. Really sorry about this. Would really appreciate anyone’s effort to come join us for these weekdays trips. Other than that, the trips are actually pretty well spread out this year, with an average of 1 trip per month.

Here's how this year's monitoring dates look like

21 Mar (Sat): Chek Jawa (CJ01) 4pm - 8pm

22 Apr (Wed): Cyrene Reef (CR01) 6am - 10am* (Weekday trip)

9 May (Sat): Pulau Semakau (PS01) 6am - 11am

6 Jun (Sat): Chek Jawa (CJ02) 6am - 11am

5 Jul (Sun): Cyrene Reef (CR02) 6am to 11am*

2 Aug (Sun): Pulau Semakau (PS02) 6am to 10am

28 Oct (Wed): Chek Jawa (CJ03) 3pm to 7pm (Weekday trip)

28 Nov (Sat): Cyrene Reef (CR03) 4pm to 8pm*

12 Dec (Sat): Pulau Semakau (PS03) 4pm to 8pm

The first 3 trips of the year are up for sign ups. I will upload and announce the other sign up dates closer to the trips. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ teamseagrass/database Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.