Jul 28, 2013

Pulau Semakau (28 July 2013)

Hello everyone! Team Seagrass is back again since the last training session on Chek Jawa last June... This time, we headed out to Pulau Semakau. Thank you to Johnson Ong, who made the effort to take all the photographs below.

Today's team consists of the old guard and new members! It's heartening to see that Team Seagrass is attracting more youths to participate in the monitoring and to explore our amazing shores. Here's a photo showing Siti giving a pre-trip briefing to find out everyone's previous monitoring experience.

"Good morning Team Seagrass", says Siti

Jul 15, 2013

TeamSeagrass at the Festival of Biodiversity 2013

The President visited the Festival! Nor Aishah took the opportunity of her brief meeting with him to share about TeamSeagrass.
Meanwhile, Pei Yan managed to get a smile out of him by showing him how the dugong leaves a feeding trail in our seagrass meadows.
TeamSeagrass were also out in force to help reach out to families in the shopping centre.

Jul 1, 2013

The Diversity and Distribution of Seagrass in Singapore

What seagrass species can we find in Singapore? Where can they be found? These and other important seagrass issues have never been rigorously documented. Until now!
TeamSeagrass monitoring the seagrasses at Chek Jawa
just in front of the mangroves there.
Siti, Rachel and Wei Ling have outlined these in their latest paper published in Nature in Singapore of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. They thank the members of TeamSeagrass for all their assistance and untiring dedication to monitoring seagrass in Singapore!