Jan 20, 2011

Logger retrieval at Chek Jawa (20 Jan)

Today, a small team joins Siti to retrieve the cool instruments she set up a few weeks earlier at Chek Jawa.
These instruments take readings of important environmental factors that might affect health of the seagrasses and marine life there. They have to be regularly checked.

Jan 7, 2011

New Additions to Seagrass-Monitoring for 2011

This year marks the FOURTH year of seagrass monitoring in Singapore. Who'd have thought we'd come this far when we first started out at Chek Jawa in 2007? And it's all thanks to YOU, our dedicated volunteers!

To kick off our fourth year of monitoring, we will now be measuring light and temperature data in addition to our regular monitoring protocol. Light and temperature are very important factors controlling seagrass growth and health and the information collected will enhance our regular monitoring data.

Jan 3, 2011

Chek Jawa (2 Jan 11)

Happy New Year from TeamSeagrass as we do our first monitoring for 2011!
The Team enjoyed a breezy sunny day as we monitored at Chek Jawa, as well as some NEW stuff ...