Jan 20, 2011

Logger retrieval at Chek Jawa (20 Jan)

Today, a small team joins Siti to retrieve the cool instruments she set up a few weeks earlier at Chek Jawa.
These instruments take readings of important environmental factors that might affect health of the seagrasses and marine life there. They have to be regularly checked.

Here's the whole series of cool tools that have been working hard out in the field: light logger, temperature logger and sediment trap! It's important to properly install these instruments so that they do their job, and also don't get swept away in the waves!
One of the problems with leaving instruments on the shores is that they soon become infested with all kinds of marine life. There was a little brittle star under this sediment trap! Another already had tiny barnacles growing on it!
So before we retrieve the sediment traps, we make sure we don't inadvertently take away any animals that might be inside the trap. For this job, the Very Long Pincer Thingy comes in handy.
The sediment traps are kept in a cooler box with ice.
After doing Site 1, we head way out to the Northern sand bar to do Site 2. Here's Rachel and Marcus retrieving the instruments.
Siti will be processing all the data that these instruments have been collecting. Hopefully we will be able to deploy these tools to our other sites as well. That will be so awesome!

During our very short trip, we came across some interesting marine life including a VERY LARGE crab!
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