Monitoring dates for 2017

1 Apr (Saturday):  Chek Jawa (CJ01) 6am - 11am

30 Apr (Sunday): Cyrene Reef (CY01)* 6am - 11am

14 May (Sunday): Pulau Semakau (PS01) 6am - 11am

15 July (Saturday): Chek Jawa (CJ02) 6am - 11am

26 July (Wednesday): Cyrene Reef (CY02)* 6am - 10am (WEEKDAY TRIP)

13 Aug (Sunday): Pulau Semakau (PS02) 6am - 11am

4 Nov (Saturday): Pulau Semakau (PS03) 2pm - 8pm

19 Nov (Sunday): Chek Jawa (CJ03) 3pm - 8pm

3 Dec (Sunday): Cyrene Reef (CY03)* 2pm - 8pm 

Do note:

Timing is an estimate, to be confirmed closer to the date (depends on transportation time etc)

For Cyrene Reef (indicated with *), priority needs to be given to regular Team members (those who have monitored at least 4 times in the last 12 months) AND who have done at least one Semakau monitoring. This is because the meadows on Cyrene are very rich and thus difficult for inexperienced people to do effectively within the short tide window, AND there are limited seats on the boat to Cyrene.

There may be additional dates, and dates may change. Team members will be updated.

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