Nov 21, 2009

Adventures in the Tortugas reveal that seagrass fields need saving too

Botanical Whales
Susan Milius
December 5th, 2009; Vol.176 #12 (p. 22) Science News

OK, OK, a plant can’t really look a person in the eye and share its thoughts. But after a strange couple of days, I’m almost ready to commune with vegetable matter. A string of wet, pinkie-tip–sized green leaves sits on a paper plate in front of me, and I begin to think that this little sprig and I are both wondering, “You? What in the world are you doing here?”

Nov 9, 2009

14 Nov (Sat): "Colours of the Sea - An Underwater Fiesta!"

Siti is giving a talk this weekend. It's for kids! Bring your friends and family to find out more about our marine life!

Think Spanish Dancers are only found in Spain? Think again! Is everything really boring and blue under the water? Not quite! Yummy crabs, sea grapes, star-studded sands and more - our seas have it all!

Join Siti as she brings you a feast of colourful critters and fantastic flora that inhabit Singapore's waters. Learn about the importance of marine diversity and how you can do your part to save it.

Suitable for children between 5 - 12 years old!

Siti Maryam is a marine biologist. In her spare time, she swims with fish, reads and counts seagrass. Like any other Singaporean, Siti enjoys the occasional chiili crab and sashimi, but her hope is for Singaporeans to see more than seafood when she talks about the sea.

Brought to you by the 'Community in Bloom' Programme, in collaboration with the National Library Board and National Biodiversity Centre (NParks)

Time: 3-4pm
Venue: Marine Parade Public Library, Activities Room
Website and contact: