Jun 19, 2010

Chek Jawa seagrasses after the oil spill (19 Jun 10)

Today, the Team heads off to monitor Chek Jawa after the oil spill that hit this shore about three weeks ago. How are our seagrasses doing? While earlier reports by shore lovers and in the media suggest no major immediate impacts, effects of an oil spill can develop over the long term.
As the more experienced Team members do a quick survey of the rest of Chek Jawa, this means some of our newer Team members have to lead the monitoring.

Jun 15, 2010

Tuas (15 Jun 10)

The weather wasn't cooperating, but a team of brave volunteers from Schering Plough led by the intrepid Sheryl and Helen went ahead for TeamSeagrass monitoring of the meadows just off their premises at Tuas.

Jun 9, 2010

Seagrass-Watch Magazine Issue 40 March 2010

Apologies for the very late post! Here's another great issue that informs about seagrasses around the world by Seagrass-Watch.
This issue highlights the impact of rising sea temperatures on seagrasses.