Sep 10, 2009

TeamSeagrass featured in the Semakau Book!

"Habitats in Harmony: The Semakau Landfill Story" was written to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Semakau Landfill. It was written by our very own TeamSeagrass member, Marcus Ng.

The Team is also featured in the Book! There's some really cool photos of us doing our stuff. I'm especially intrigued by the photo of someone with a snorkel mask, face in the water. Wow! Talk about dedication! I still haven't figured out who it is.
Then there is great shot of the Team at work! Very energetic, forward looking and inspiring. Bravo!Our work on Semakau and other seagrass meadows of Singapore does make a difference!

Sep 7, 2009

TeamSeagrass featured in the Singapore National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP)

Wow, the Team's work is featured as one of the actions taken in protecting Singapore's biodiversity!
Sometimes, as we focus on the nitty gritties, it isn't obvious how the work we do during a monitoring session can add up to the larger efforts to make a difference for our wild shores! And the biodiversity of Singapore as a whole!

Well done to the Team for relentlessly monitoring over these last three years. And also undertaking outreach efforts for our shores!

Here's what is said about the Team in NBSAP ...