May 21, 2007

Seagrass Watch around the world

While we've been busy with our monitoring sessions, here's what the rest of International Seagrass Watch have been up to...
At Bolinao in the Philippines, they are doing exactly what Siti is trying to make us do at Semakau! I guess we should be grateful the water is not THAT deep at Semakau when we do our monitoring :-)

It's quite exciting what we might find along our transect lines as we do our monitoring. Here is what the folks at Midge Point found next to their transect line!Unfortunately, the poor turtle wasn't well and had swellings on its body.

Well I guess our shark sighting at Semakau is quite exciting. Even though it wasn't right next to the transect line. Perhaps if we did the monitoring at really high water it might be so...hmmm.

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