Oct 28, 2007

Chek Jawa (28 Oct 07)

The Team got completely wet this monitoring trip. Although the day started out fine and bright, it started pouring as soon as we left Changi. We huddled at Ubin Jetty until we THOUGHT the rain had eased. But as soon as we actually started monitoring, the heavens opened up!

Thus I didn't take any photos at all.

Fortunately, several Team members did, and they've posted their stories on their blogs.

From Sijie's nature scouter blog, here we were at Ubin jetty waiting for the rain to stop.
And the rain made it really hard to do monitoring...
On Kok Sheng's Chek Jawa project blog a look at the rainy shore...Despite the wet weather, Chek Jawa seems to be doing well with some recovery from the mass deaths. The day before, Kok Sheng's team saw the first Knobbly sea star for the year!

At the end of the trip, just as we were about to go home in the gathering gloom of dusk, we saw a civet cat!!More about this sighting on the wildfilms blog.

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