Nov 14, 2007

More Photos from the Clean and Green Jamboree

Hello! This post is a little belated, because I am incorrigible when it comes to posting in a timely fashion.

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos of our TeamSeagrass booth at the Clean and Green Jamboree and the special visitor who came around for a visit :)

This is Nor Aishah the project manager for the TeamSeagrass display at the Jamboree. She volunteered to (read: brow-beaten) think up a wonderful display to attact people to the booth. As project manager, she was also in charge of the snacks, and she's seen here stashing them in a safe place so the little kids don't mistake them for freebies.

Here is Kok Sheng, with one of the first visitors for the day, showing the wonderful treasures that seagrass habitats hold.

In no time at all, the booth was SWAMPED with visitors which Dickson and Aishah entertain while I walk around snapping photos :)

This is one of the awesome posters that Aishah and Sijie made for the booth.

And here is Gaytri sharing seagrass stories with someone's grandma.

And rubbing sholders with PM LEE(!!) who came by our booth and asked how Chek Jawa was doing after the flash floods earlier this year. Talk about being down with it eh?

And all too soon, it was time to pack up, with Sijie and Andy ending the shift. In all, it was a fruitful day of bringing seagrass to the heartlands!

We're trying to get more involed in exhibitions, so if any of you talented seagrassers out there wanna share your poster-making, games-creating, smooth-talking skills, do drop us a line to tell us you're keen.

See you guys at Semakau!

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Monkey said...

the PMO is definitely doing a good job of keeping PM Lee up to date on everything happening in singapore. but environment is increasingly higher on the priority of all governments so not surprising at all.