Nov 1, 2008

Young seagrassers at Clean and Green Carnival

The young seagrassers of RGS are sharing about our seagrasses at the Clean and Green Carnival!They've put up an amazing display of our seagrasses and shores!In addition to seagrasses, they are also featuring the school's work in our forests!The young ladies have done a fantastic poster about their work studying the seagrass meadows at Labrador.And here's Siti and Wei Ling joining them.The RGS booth is part of the Green Schools exhibit at the Carnival.Also part of the Carnival are lots of talks about our marine and other biodiversity in Singapore. Here's Siti talking about "Marine Biodiversity and You", with Wei Ling helping at the laptop.
There were lots of other happenings too at the Carnival and at the Marina Barrage.

Wei Ling said they had a wonderful visitor yesterday during the Launch of the Carnival. They'll post all the juicy details and photos later. I can't wait to read about it.

See also the Young Seagrassers' post about this event on their Labrador blog.

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