Jan 17, 2009

Volve Race marine outreach (16 Jan 09)

TeamSeagrass spent a very windy day at 1degree15 Marina at Sentosa for the Volvo Race special Scouts' marine outreach programme.With lots of posters and even our monitoring gear, the TeamSeagrass booth seems to fascinate the visitors.
TeamSeagrass shared about our wonderful seagrass meadows and what ordinary people can do for them.
Thanks to Kok Sheng who collected the seagrass specimens on our last trip to Pulau Semakau, we had a nice tank of live seagrasses.This came in handy for showing features like the fact that they are flowering plants, as Siti Nurbaya explains here.And Wei Ling also puts the tank to great use to point out features. Later on, Siti had a great idea of asking the Scouts to match the seagrasses in the tank to the photos on our species poster! The visitors are great at it!
Siti is great with the kids, who enthusiastically clamour to answer her questions.One gives really wacky answers to the delight of his friends.
Marcus Tay rushed in from his earlier appointment just so that he could help out at the event.
We get loads and loads of scouts of all colours and sizes who are really keen to learn about our seagrasses.And this group from Bartley are very keen to join us on our trips!This fantastic opportunity to share about seagrasses is all thanks to Tan Sijie, who looks so snazzy in his Scouts uniform, don't you think? He worked very hard to put the show together and I think it was a great success in reaching out to a wide range of people.
He even arranged for us to have lunch and free ice-cream! Here's the team taking a short, well-deserved break in a long day of selling seagrasses.

Thanks to Kok Sheng for the seagrasses, Colin for setting up the tank, Siti Nurbaya, Marcus Tay and of course Siti and Wei Ling for being there to share about seagrasses.

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