Mar 9, 2009

Seagrasses on the Catalogue of Organisms blog

Seagrasses and photos from TeamSeagrass are featured in Flowers in the Water (Taxon of the Week: Hydrocharitaceae) on the Catalogue of Organisms by Christopher Taylor. Go read all about them!

Do also check out the rest of the Catalogue of Organisms blog with lots of fascinating entries about the amazing lifeforms on our planet. As Christopher Taylor describes his blog on the Nature Blog Network: "The Catalogue of Organisms looks at the diversity of life on Earth, past or present, from spiders smaller than bacteria to ducks bigger than elephants. Multicellular bacteria, carnivorous fungi and foot-long protozoa also considered."


Christopher Taylor said...

Thanks for responding so kindly to my blatant theft of your images!

Ria Tan said...

We are honoured that you would find the photos useful and to have included them in your wonderful blog. I love your blog entries and I should have left a comment about this sooner.