May 6, 2009

TeamSeagrass on Nature Blog Network

"What is it about that tiny island in the Southeast Asia? That a small island, only 274 square miles, could be a nature blogging juggernaut seems odd." asks Nature Blog Network "But there are a few clues here and there. 23% of the nation consists of forests and nature preserves. The wetlands surround the main island and the 60 odd other islands are famous for their marine diversity. So the nature is there, even if intuitively it doesn’t seem possible for a city famous for both its size and density." they continue.

"And, importantly, there’s a nascent environmental movement that seeks to use new media to get information out to like-minded people with an interest to conserve those unique places."

And in their second feature on Singapore blogs, they have kindly highlighted the TeamSeagrass blog and our work for our seagrasses. Thank you!

Go check out their blog entry and visit the Nature Blog Network for lots of nature blogs from Singapore and around the world!

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