Jul 2, 2009

TeamSeagrass is now certified!

I just got my fabulous Seagrass-Watch certificate for attending the Seagrass-Watch training sessions in May!
The certificate looks so professional! It's probably one of hardest certs that I've had to work for.

Len and Rudi worked even harder than all of us!
They conducted three sessions: Level 1 classroom and Level 1 field and Level 2 classroom. And also audited our processes during our Semakau monitoring in May.
With this massive exercise, all core TeamSeagrass volunteers are certified as well as many of those who have just joined. This gives us confidence in doing our monitoring work effectively, correctly and safely.

Thank you Len and Rudi!

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beachbum said...

Yup, I received mine too! :)
Thank you Len, Rudi, Team Seagrass & NParks. The workshop was a fantastic learning experience!

p.s. Does Len's signature look like an Ovalis leaf outline?