Feb 16, 2010

Halophila beccarii: IUCN's Species of the Day!

Yesterday, our very own H. beccarii was featured as Species of the Day, part the IUCN's Red List celebration of International Year of Biodiversity 2010.
Beccari's seagrass (Halophila beccarii)
According to the write up on it, the distribution of this seagrass is "fragmented in southern China, Southeast Asia, India and Madagascar" and it is globally listed as "Vulnerable".

It's amazing that Singapore's shores is home to this rare and endangered seagrass. It can be found on Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin and at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. More about this seagrass on Singapore's shores. It is listed as "Critically Endangered" on the Singapore Red List.

This tiny seagrass has striped leaves, so Siti also calls it the Tiger seagrass! What a coincidence that the seagrass is featured on the first day of the Year of the Tiger.

Thanks to Ivan Kwan for the heads up on the feature on this seagrass.

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