Mar 18, 2010

TeamSeagrass is Three!

We are three years old! To celebrate, a badge with three sea turtles!
Three sea turtles for three years of hard work for our seagrass meadows. If you love sea turtles, you should love seagrasses. And TeamSeagrass sure love sea turtles and seagrasses and our shores!

The badge will be given out during the upcoming TeamSeagrass orientation. And while stocks last throughout 2010 to team members at upcoming monitoring sessions. So sign up for the sessions soon!

Happy Seagrass Birthday!

Here's the TeamSeagrass badges through the years...

Two dugongs when we were two years old.
Our first badge!
Looking forward to many more good seagrassy years!


norafifah said...

hi there teamseagrass!

jez found this blog/ur teamSeagrass.
it seems dat u guys really passionate abt the seagrass thingy..n bcoz of dat i want to ask for a favor-help in identifying this one 'sponge-like algae'...
can i get an email add to post the pic of the creature.incase u guys know what it is.


ria said...

Glad you found us norafifah!

You can email me at the address listed on the sidebar