May 26, 2010

NEW blog - Cyrene Reef Exposed!

A new blog featuring nothing but Cyrene, one of the Team's favourite monitoring sites.
Cyrene Reef Exposed! is a blog dedicated to exposing this remarkable submerged reef in Singapore!

Cyrene lies in the middle of the 'Industrial Triangle' made up of petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom, massive heavy industries on Jurong Island and world class container terminals at Pasir Panjang.
Emissions over Cyrene

Despite this, Cyrene has amazing marine ecosystems! Often leading many to consider it the "Chek Jawa of the South". Cyrene's seagrass meadows are awesome!
Vast seagrass meadows overlooking container terminals

We go when it's low

Well hidden under water most of the time, Cyrene is only exposed for brief periods during super low spring tides at certain times of the year. Then begins the mad dash against the tide, to visit and learn as much as possible about Cyrene.
Visiting Cyrene Reef involves a brave amphibious landing

Showcasing Cyrene

This blog hopes to provide exposure to the various aspects of Cyrene: the wondrous marine life, the work done by intrepid scientists and volunteers on Cyrene, and activities to raise awareness and protect this marvellous reef.
Seagrass monitoring at Cyrene Reef at daybreak
Straits Times journalists with Siti of TeamSeagrass on Cyrene.

Over the last few years, there has been a steady stream of visitors to this submerged reef.
Exploring Cyrene
From stories about their trips, it seems that Cyrene is indeed Singapore's best-loved submerged reef!

So drop by the Cyrene Exposed! blog and join the Cyrene Exposed! Facebook page.

Want to make a difference for Cyrene?

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If you've already been to Cyrene, we would love to feature your thoughts and experiences so that others can see Cyrene through your eyes. Email your stories to and upload your photos of Cyrene to the Cyrene Exposed flickr group.

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