Aug 23, 2010

Your seagrass photos wanted for a photo competition!

Wanted! Photos for a Seagrass Calendar for the year 2011!
There's always time for a group shot
Needed! Photos of seagrass, seagrass habitats, animals in seagrass beds, human activities / resource use in seagrass beds, threats to seagrasses, research activities in seagrass beds, etc. from anywhere in the world.

Let's show the world that Singapore has great seagrasses and seagrassers!

Here's more details!

Deadline for submission of photographs: 1 Sep 2010.

Send your photographs to Dr. Anchana Prathep, the Conference Organizer:

You may submit more than one photograph but only one photo per person will appear in the calendar. You do not have to attend the conference in order to enter a photo or win.

There will be prizes for the winning photographers, and they will be fully acknowledged on the calendar. Copyrights for all photographs will remain with the photographers; none of the photographs will be used for any other purpose but the one-time production of the calendar.

The best photos will be featured in a full-color Seagrass Calendar for the year 2011. The Seagrass Photo Competition held in conjunction with the World Seagrass Conference & ISBW-9 workshop in Thailand, 21-30 November 2010 ( The calendar will be made available at the World Seagrass Conference & ISBW-9.

We look forward to receiving many fantastic photographs!

Paul Erftemeijer
(on behalf of the WSC organizing committee)

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