Dec 27, 2010

What's new at TeamSeagrass? Plenty!

Monitoring dates for 2011 are now available for sign up! PLUS, TeamSeagrass is now on facebook!
Share your photos and stories of Team happenings on this page, as well as seagrass news! Such as Andy's recent find of the rare Halophila beccarri in Mandai and Kok Sheng's sighting of what might have been Halophila decipiens at Punggol. And how bird poop helps to heal seagrasses damaged by boat strikes.

Siti shared lovely Holiday Greeting on the facebook page! Thanks Siti!

AND the TeamSeagrass blog also has been given a make-over for a new look! Hope you like it.

PLUS, the Team will be also be glad to learn that NEW pencils have been found! Yes, it may seem to be a trivial thing, but ordinary pencils don't do well swimming in the sea. Without a pencil, we are doomed! Special pencils with their pointy tips in 'bullets' are what we need. The old ones are worn out and malfunctioning. Not to mention that many pencils have 'disappeared' over the last three years. Ahem.

But no worries, thanks to Nor Aishah and Wei Ling, we now have lots of new pencils! This should last us for a few more years.

So we're all ready for more monitoring in 2011!

Monitoring dates for 2011 are listed here. Our first monitoring is on 2 Jan at Chek Jawa, what a great way to start the New Year!

Those already on the team can sign up for these dates on the teamseagrass yahoo group.

Not yet a member?
To join the team, simply send the following details
(a) your full name
(b) your age
(c) your email address
(d) your contact number
(e) any previous experience
to Ria at, please put "TeamSeagrass" in your subject header.

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