Apr 19, 2011

Tuas (19 Apr 11)

A small group of enthusiastic volunteers who work at the company next to the Tuas shore are back out this morning to monitor the seagrasses here. The tide was rather high, but this didn't deter the intrepid volunteers!
Today I found out that the company has changed hands! Despite this, the volunteers are still looking after the seagrasses here! Bravo!

It's tricky getting down the slippery rock wall!
Even in the fast incoming tide, the volunteers kept up with the survey!
This shore has mostly Spoon seagrasses (Halophila ovalis) which have rather tiny leaf blades here.
After getting the monitoring done, we have a quick look at the high shore. We find jellyfishes, strange sea cucumbers, interesting crabs and other marine life!
While the volunteers were at work, I had a quick look at the Merawang Beacon where the reefier parts of the shore are.
It's quite pretty here!
More about other marine life sightings on the wild shores of singapore blog.

The tide was really high by the time we ended our short trip.
Thanks to Sheryl and Helen, and the volunteers at the company, the monitoring programme is still going at Tuas despite the changes in the company. We are very grateful for their continued support!

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