Jul 16, 2011

16 Jul (Sat): Sharing about Singapore's seagrasses

Today, Wei Ling gave a talk about our seagrasses as part of NPark's “Forests, People, Environment” Exhibition which runs until 24 Jul at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
There are many reasons why seagrasses are fascinating and important, among which is that much of our favourite seafood depend on seagrasses!

Wei Ling introduces us to the various important locations of our seagrasses.
Including the awesome seagrass meadows at Cyrene despite its location in the middle of an 'industrial triangle'.
And surprising seagrasses even on the mainland, such as at Changi!
There's lots of life in our seagrasses! But we have to look carefully as many of them are very well camouflaged.
Wei Ling also introduces us to the various seagrass species found in Singapore. Quite an amazing variety!
We get an overview of the many places where seagrasses can be found in tiny Singapore. As well as the threats they face, some of the efforts being  undertaken to deal with these. Of course, TeamSeagrass is a key component and she spent time sharing about what we do, and about Seagrass-Watch international.
Among the participants was a team from Raffles Institution who are doing a school project about the impact of dredging on seagrasses.
We are very impressed by the huge amount of notes being taken by the Raffles project team!
It was great to share about seagrasses, and glad to see some interest in them!

MORE talks are scheduled for this programme!

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