Mar 31, 2013

Pulau Semakau (31 Mar 2013)

Well before sunrise, a team of dedicated volunteers gather for the first morning monitoring at Pulau Semakau!
Photo by Sean Yap.
Here's Siti giving the safety briefing to everyone.

The Team arrive at sunrise and walk to the shore nearly 2km away.
Photo by Jerome Pang.
The regular volunteers help make the trip run smoothly by preparing all the gear and helping first timers learn how monitoring is done. After a briefing on how to identify seagrasses and how to fill up the data sheet, everyone heads off to monitor the vast seagrass meadows of Semakau!
Photo by Johnson Ong.
Here's everyone hard at work monitoring on the shore.
Photo by Jerome Pang.
Johnson shows how monitoring gets done!
Photo by Johnson Ong.
As usual, after the monitoring, the team have a quick look around the shore. Jerome shared some of the interesting marine life that he saw.
Photo by Jerome Pang.
Here's Jonathan Tan, one of the regular volunteers with a Common sea star which is still common on Pulau Semaku.
Photo by Johnson Ong.
I couldn't come for this monitoring session as I was helping do a recce trip for the Mega Marine Survey. Thanks to Rachel, Siti, Nor Aishah, Wei Ling and the many regulars for leading another successful seagrass monitoring trip! And thanks to those who shared photos for this blog post!

It was great to have so many enthusiastic people on this trip: Pei Yan, Jia Ling, Sean, Jerome, Gladys, Johnson, Jonathan, Yifeng, Boon Seng, Lee Seng, Grace, Alisa, Josephine, Valerie, Shin Huay, Rebecca, Vikran, Kenny, Yin Xin, May, April, Nicole, Candice, Yu Han, Samantha. Special thanks to the veterans who led the transects and to Siti, Nor Aishah and Wei Ling for looking after everyone. The trip would not have been possible without Rachel making all the transport and other logistical arrangements. Thank you!

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