May 30, 2014

Chek Jawa (18 May 2014)

It was another lovely day out at Chek Jawa with a team comprising many newbies and some oldies (but goodies).

We assemble at the Changi Point Jetty in the wee hours of the morning to catch the bumboat to Pulau Ubin.

One bumboat and van ride later...

Everyone's awake! Shocker.
The van taking us into the unknown...

We're here! We gear up and start off with Ms Rachel Lim splitting the volunteers up into groups. These are assigned such that newbies are grouped with more experienced volunteers. Here at the Team, we take our on-the-job training very seriously!

Let's talk about the data sheet...
I conducted the safety briefing and explained the data sheet near the Chek Jawa information counter before we set off down the boardwalk. A lovely sunrise greeted us!

Good morning!

But alas, the gate  leading to the ladder was locked and we had to turn back and walk down by the side of the boardwalk. Thankfully, today's low tide was longer than usual so we did not have to rush.

Samantha then conducted the seagrass ID briefing. We have a look at some of the seagrasses commonly found on Chek Jawa and learn how to tell them apart.

Samantha showing the Team the seagrasses of Chek Jawa.

Today, I am with the team heading to Site 2 (aka the far site). We head off with Samantha leading the way.

Samuel, Yi Sze and I take Transect 1 at Site 2. Uh-oh! Not many seagrasses along our transect line.

Site 2, Transect 1, 25m.  This was typical of our transect. :(
Over at Transect 3 of Site 2, things are looking more lush...

Site 2, Transect 3. Measuring the water depth.

And yes... Finally, we are done!

Happy volunteers!

As it is a longer low tide today, we had a little more time to look around. We are joined by a pack of dogs frolicking in the water! Looks like they're enjoying their day out too!

Having a look around.

Happy dogs join our volunteers on the shore!

But then the dark clouds started rolling in, signalling to us that it's time to go. We head back and not a moment sooner, for it started pouring when we were walking up the slope to the information counter!

The rain doesn't deter us from washing the equipment. The washing up endeavour is led by Boon Seng, our MVV (most valuable volunteer) of the day! Boon Seng's car had a flat tyre on the journey to the Changi Point Jetty but this didn't stop him from making his own way to Chek Jawa! Thank you, Boon Seng!

A little rain won't stop us from cleaning up the equipment!

And thank you to the volunteers who joined us today: Chin Yi Wen, Cong Yi Sze, Feng Yu Hui, Huynh Thuan Phuoc, Cheryl Koh, Samantha Lai, Benjamin Lee, Lee Juin Bin, Rachel Lim, Nor Aishah, Quek Boon Seng, Pearlynn Sim, Kristine Tan, Samuel Tan, Tan Yi Mei, Wong Xinyuan and Joanna Yeo. Thanks too to the NParks interns, Mashitah, Joanna Wong and Zubaidah.

See you at the next trip!

We remembered to take a group photo, guest starring the bikini babe!

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