May 12, 2016

TeamSeagrass colouring sheet for Pesta Ubin!

Specially for Pesta Ubin 2016, TeamSeagrass is offering this colouring sheet. Have fun and learn more about seagrasses and how you CAN make a difference for Singapore's seagrass meadows.
To get your copies of this colouring sheet, come visit TeamSeaGrass on 4 Jun (Sat) 2016 at the Assembly Area at Ubin Town, or on 5 Jun (Sun) 2016 at Chek Jawa.

The colouring sheet features the dugong that feeds only on seagrasses. As well as the sea turtle, that also munches on seagrasses. Other animals may not eat seagrasses, but the dense meadows provide shelter for animals that are not adapted for fast swimming, like the seahorse and filefish. Some animals like shrimps grow up in the safety of seagrass meadows before moving into deeper waters as adults. Knobbly sea star babies are also commonly seen in seagrass meadows, while the adults are found in coral reefs. The underground stems and roots of seagrasses form a mat which stabilises the ground, while their leaves slow the water flow and thus help keep sediments down and the water clear. This benefits coral reefs nearby.

Seagrasses are flowering plants. The flowers and fruits of the long Tape seagrass are common and more easily seen. Flowers and fruits of other seagrass species are much smaller and often overlooked. Seagrass species in this colouring sheet include Spoon seagrass, Hairy spoon seagrass, Beccari's seagrass. As well as Noodle seagrass, Needle seagrass, Sickle seagrass and Fern seagrass. These are all found in Singapore!

Hope you have enjoyed the colouring sheets!

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