Sep 10, 2017

June 2018: International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW) in Singapore!

Let's talk seagrass at the International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW13)
TeamSeaGrass will be contributing to this very special event in 2018! What is ISBW13 about and how can Singapore contribute?

The theme for ISBW13 is “Translating Science into Action”. The theme is motivated by the ever-important need for effective communication of seagrass science amongst scientists, managers and practitioners, to better develop and implement science-based seagrass conservation and restoration policies.
TeamSeagrass field training Chek Jawa June 2013
TeamSeaGrass at Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin.

With its highly urbanised shoreline and intensively utilised coastal waters, Singapore exemplifies how coastal development exerts pressure on seagrass meadows and marine habitats.
Happy National Day from TeamSeagrass on Cyrene Reef
TeamSeaGrass at Cyrene Reef on National Day.

It also provides a useful case study of environmental management, and adoption of management practices that aim to balance development and conservation of natural resources.
TeamSeagrass at work at Cyrene Reef
TeamSeagrass at Cyrene Reef in the world's busiest port.

We hope to use this meeting as a forum to discuss the changing face of seagrass science communication and conservation and how old paradigms can be refreshed to take on the key challenges to seagrass habitats in the future.
TeamSeagrass at Balik Chek Jawa for Pesta Ubin 2017
TeamSeaGrass doing outreach during Pesta Ubin.

More about ISBW
The International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW) is the only international meeting specifically tailored to seagrass scientists, professionals and students.

ISBW13 will be held in June 2018 in Singapore and will incorporate the World Seagrass Conference 2018.

The International Seagrass Biology Workshop series is the biennial lead event of the World Seagrass Association. In 2018, the 13th ISBW will be held in conjunction with the World Seagrass Conference (WSC) at the National University of Singapore, Singapore. The WSC will be held from 11 to 14 June, and ISBW13 from 15 to 17 June. This event is supported by DHI Singapore Pte. Ltd., the National Parks Board, and the National University of Singapore.

And the TeamSeaGrass logo has also been refreshed!

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