Jan 14, 2007

1st Seagrass Indoor Orientation kicks off!

The very 1st TeamSeagrass indoor orientation kicked off today with many people, great talks, yummy snacks and drinks!

To thank Ria, Siti and Weiling for arranging today's orientation, I volunteered to post today's entry.
But alas! What terrible photos I ha
ve - you will kill me as you scroll down to see those ugly photos with bits and pieces of you captured but HOLD YOUR GUNs - I promise to improve, ok?

Everyone listened intently as Ria gave an introduction of our shores and what you can find there. There are some faces that those who attended today's session might remember - spot Chee Kong, the guy who saw the dolphins.

t, Siti took over and gave us lots of juicy green details on seagrass biology and of SeagrassWatch. Of course, she also took pains to drive home the important message that "algae are not seagrasses!" - those joining us on coming Friday session - keep your ears tuned and eyes opened for differences that she will be pointing out!

The fun part began when volunteers got into action and form groups to do 'dry runs'.

Siti gave us a briefing and demonstration on what to do...
Weiling also chipped in (with a serious look - we mean real seagrass business!) to get the ball rolling...Then, a group sprang into serious 'Action'......

another group dipped in serious 'Discussion'...

and another group indulged in serious 'Bonding' fun! =)
Then, I spotted a
crowd-puller! That's Dr Shawn Lum, who got some 'specimens' and helped explained the seagrass monitoring methods.

Finally, Ria wrapped up the day with safety - both the living organisms on the shore and Us-the Seagrassers. Somehow, everyone got so tickled by her recounts and lively ways, we were laughing so hard from the start till the end. A great way to finish up.. but do keep in mind her important points!

Many thanks to all who turned up for the indoor orientation - you guys made this session a success.
See you Seagrassers soon!

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