Feb 8, 2007

Seagrassers of the World!

Wow, TeamSeagrass is featured several times in the Jan-Feb 2007 gallery of the Seagrass Watch International website!

Go visit the website and see some of the TeamSeagrass blog stories and photos reproduced for everyone to share in our adventures ... cool!

Here's what some other Seagrassers elsewhere in the world were up to while we were mucking around on our seagrass meadows...

On Green Island, Queensland, they perservered through heavy rain and less than ideal tides (sigh, we know what that's like too).

On Shelly Beach, Queensland, they did monitoring at 3am! In torrential rain! Wow!

One day, we shall try that too on our shores. The morning part lah, not the torrential rain.

Fiji must be seagrass heaven!
Look at that lovely seagrass in that lovely water!

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