Jun 27, 2007

Green Volunteers Gone Blue?

TeamSeagrass is featured in the NParks newsletter (Apr-Jun 07)!

In a lovely article by Shufen, featuring the workshop by Len and Rudi.

Nigel also shares that "Singapore has 11 out of 23 species (of seagrasses) that can be found in the Indo-Pacific region. This is an impressive number given our limited coastal area in comparison to other countries".

He adds "Seagrass monitoring is a pro-active approach to provide early warning of major coastal environmental changes and allow us sufficient time to put in place measures that would otherwise result in significant losses to our natural heritage".

Yes, indeed! Our seagrasses are magnificent and TeamSeagrass efforts are vital. All TeamSeagrassers make a BIG difference for our shores!

Click on the photo for the full report...

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