Jun 13, 2007

TeamSeagrass in the International Seagrass-Watch newsletter

The Team is in the latest Seagrass-Watch newsletter (Issue 29 2007)!

Rudi very kindly patched together blog entries for me and we could all pretend that I wrote the article. Thank you Rudi!

Check out the never-before-seen photos of Len's and Rudi's trip to Singapore! (Rudi's photos of course).
Including the manly landing at Cyrene ...
And ending with a nice group photo of all of us saying our favourite 'S' word. No, it's not 'seagrass'.
See, I keep telling everyone it's important to look cheerful and lively for the group photo, even though we haven't had breakfast, and only slept 3 hours for the last 3 days, and there's a whole lot of walking and bending and squinting ahead of us.

The newsletter is sprinkled with information about our favourite seagrass creatures...
And has articles on important topics ...
Other fascinating articles in the newsletter include a yummy way to eat seagrasses!

And a rather less appetising but educational look at seagrasses being eaten...
Download the PDFs of the newsletter from the International Seagrass-Watch website

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