Jul 30, 2007

Sea anemones on our seagrasses

I didn't know we had so many different sea anemones in Singapore!

And certainly didn't know there were sea anemones that settle on our seagrasses!

I've been learning so much about sea anemones from Dr Daphne Fautin, world expert on sea anemones, who is here for a few weeks just to look at our sea anemones.

Here is the tiny sea anemone that settles on seagrasses. The intrepid Yu Chen found them after crawling about on several shores over several trips!
Dr Daphne tells us that the larvae of these sea anemones settle on and eat the gonads (reproductive parts) of jellyfishes. When the jellyfish travels over seagrasses, the larvae drop off and develop into mature sea anemones!

For more about our sea anemones see the wildfilms blog in July 2007, for all the different kinds of sea anemones we saw, and what are NOT sea anemones and more!

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