Aug 5, 2007

Team Seagrass at Semakau

Team Seagrass was up and about this weekend for the third monitoring session at Pulau Semakau. How time flies! It doesn't seem that long ago that we had Len and Rudi at the site for the inaugral Pulau Semakau monitoring session.

The team was there bright and early because I was trying to avoid getting the 'you-are-late look of death' from Ria. There was quite a crowd at Marina South Pier because RMBR was having their walk on the same day. After quite a bit of poking and prodding, we managed to sieve the Seagrassers from the walkers and we were off!

The team was broken up into pairs (newbies and veterans) and we set off to find our sites. Since Shufen wasn't on this trip, Robin led the way to site 1 (the furthest site from our entry point and the one people want to go to least!).

The seagrass lagoon was looking pretty good as always
Unfortunately, we didn't get as many working shots as we wanted. I blame it on the amazing stuff we always manage to uncover at Semakau - who'd want to photograph people when there's so much marine life around you?

Ria, however, managed to get an action shot of me taking a photo of seagrass (what else?) with Wei Ling and Wendy looking on (amused no doubt).

So this is a call to all seagrassers, please take photos of each other in action! Then email them to ME and I can put them into the next presentation/report/slideshow. Its a wonderful opportunity to "sabo" your friends - and we all know how much fun that can be! Photographer IDs can be changed to protect the (somewhat) innocent!

On that note, I leave you with the usual "Happy Seagrassers" photo - proof that saltwater and fresh air is an unbeatable combination for delirium!
Till next time, hug a seagrass! :)

Thanks to all the Seagrassers who came for the session: Andy, Annabelle, Chay Hoon, Yikang, Fiona, Gaytri, Hannah, Huiguang, Kok Sheng, Robin, Ron, Wee Lian, Siyang, Tiong Chin

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