Aug 19, 2007

TeamSeagrass Angels at Labrador

This morning, Siti and I joined the Seagrass Angels at Labrador Beach with their teacher Mr Lim Cheng Puay.

It wasn't really low tide. In fact, it was rather high!

But still this dedicated team came down to do some measurements.There were lots of big waves as really humungous ships passed by, as well as lots of little boats.But still intrepid team worked on.And when it was all done, we took a group photo.

Oops, Mr Lim is obscured here.Ah, here's a better photo.For a better idea of what the young ladies were doing, see their labrador park blog, now relocated to a new site. Ladies, we weren't laughing at you. We were just too lame to get wet above our ankles. And the tide was really high then :-)

Alas, poor Labrador Beach is rather beat up by construction right on it. A cofferdam has been built on one end of it for the construction of submarine cables to Pulau Bukom. This is in preparation for reclamation for an extension of the Pasir Panjang Container Terminals.

The work includes extensive dredging with really huge machines. Here is one dredger parked just off the Labrador Jetty on the Beach. It's quite a large thing.Other stresses on the Beach include irresponsible beach visitors.I came across these leftovers from a party. It looked like the partygoers just walked away leaving everything behind! These plastic and other litter will probably be blown into the sea and on the shore if some poor cleaner didn't come by soon to tidy up. Sigh.

There have also been several massive landslides on the Beach. More about what's happening to the Beach on the wildfilms blog

TeamSeagrass monitoring on the Beach will help to keep track on the impact on all these on our marine life. The Seagrass Angels will share what they have discovered during the TeamSeagrass Orientation on 22 Sep 07 (here's more details of the event).

You CAN make a difference for our shores. Join TeamSeagrass!

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