Aug 24, 2007

Seagrass Watch around the world

Here's some of what's happening with Seagrass-Watch elsewhere around the world.

Don't we wish we could ride horses when we do Transect 1 on Pulau Semakau? Like they do at Suva.
The team at Suva also makes a lively portrait too! Just like we do.

They saw a banded snake at Cawaci Ovalau; and a sea turtle at Wheelans Hut! Wow!
Some of the seagrasses elsewhere look really nice; like the ones at Noumea New Caledonia (left) and this really nice photo taken at Natadola (right).
Our seagrasses, especially at Cyrene and Semakau look quite like these too!

For more photos go to the Seagrass-Watch Gallery.

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