Dec 4, 2007

5 Dec is International Volunteer Day

On World Volunteer Day, a special THANK YOU to all the volunteers of TeamSeagrass and the wonderful people who have supported the effort for our seagrasses. There is much to do and it would not have been possible without all of you.

Excerpt of message from the UN Secretary-General
on International Volunteer Day, from the world volunteer web
The challenges facing our world are vast and complex -- from resolving conflicts and building peace, to alleviating poverty and reaching the other Millennium Development Goals.

Tackling these challenges requires all of us to work together -- Governments, international organizations, the private sector and civil society in its broadest sense.

Volunteers play an indispensable role in these efforts. Yet, the remarkable contribution of voluntary action around the world is not sufficiently recognized.

Full text of message on the wildsingapore news blog

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