Dec 16, 2007

TeamSeagrass roundup on SeagrassWatch

Siti contributed a roundup of TeamSeagrass activities in the latest Seagrass-Watch newsletter. Re-live all the grassy moments for this first year of monitoring! Reading it, I'm amazed at what we've done in less than 12 months!

Some highlights include ...

TeamSeagrass catches the eye of even the Prime Minister!

Elsewhere in this newsletter, our humble worms from Singapore make an appearance!
And so encouraging to read about others around the world, joining in the effort to document seagrasses.So go download the latest Seagrass-Watch newsletter!
Which also has our very own butterflyfishes swimming happily in our seagrasses on the cover masthead!

Our seagrasses are wonderful and the work of TeamSeagrass made it possible to know more about them!

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