Aug 12, 2008

More about TeamSeagrass at Reef Celebrations

Here's more photos of how the TeamSeagrass booth got set up...A few days earlier, on Cyrene Reef, the specimens of these seagrasses were gently collected. Vyna shared on her Can you Sea Me blog this photo of Collin expertly collecting the specimens.
Just before the Launch on 8 Aug, Siti did a different kind of gardening at the Botanics, with saltwater and funny grasses.With some help from Collin, seawater is gently poured into the exhibit.Tada!
Add a spotlight and everything is perfect!
Here's a closer look at the tank.And a REAL closer look by Chay Hoon (of course), who spots a tiny sea anemone on the seagrass blade!

After the exhibition, the seagrasses were returned to the sea at Labrador.

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