Aug 10, 2008

TeamSeagrass at Reef Celebrations!

TeamSeagrass worked very hard at Reef Celebrations to share about our seagrasses with the many visitors who came by.The tank of living seagrasses from Cyrene Reef was a real conversation starter.Warranting a closer look.Of course there were lots of other interesting things to look at too, such guessing the kinds of animals found in our seagrass meadows.Here's some visitors taking a look at those animals.
We had a lot of young visitors today! Which was a real treat.
And of course, Shufen shared about our "Green, Mean, Photosynthesizing Machines" in her very entertaining and informative talk about seagrasses.

What a fabulous day we had at the Reef Celebrations!

Thanks to all who helped at the TeamSeagrass booth: Siti Nurbaya, Gaytri, Anuj, Helen, Wenny, Hannah and Edwin.

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