Sep 11, 2008

International Seagrass Biology Workshop

Hello Seagrassers!

Greetings from Bamfield, a lovely little township in Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, Canada.

I'm at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre for the 8th International Seagrass Biology Workshop - a gathering of seagrass scientists, managers and overall enthusiasts of all things marine and flowering :)

Its been an intense few days here at ISBW8, and it'll be way too much to write it all down here, so I'm just gonna put up some pretty photos for your eyes to feast on. I'll be sharing more on ISBW8 during the TeamSeagrass Orientation, so be there or be square!


Bamfield by Day - looking out into Barkley Sound
Welcome to the 8th ISBW! :)
Bamfield by dusk - the town is set on two sides of an inlet and the only way to get across is by boat!
Field Trip Day! - Siti and the ever-trendy orange life vest.
Navigating around Barkley Sound and the Broken Island Group - part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.
We visited a huge Eelgrass (Zostera marina) bed. Probably the most dominant species of seagrass in temperate areas. There are huge beds of Z. marina in the area as well as further down South in Puget Sound - so much that eelgrass is synonymous with seagrass here in the Pacific Northwest.
Top: Phyllospadix sp. a pretty special and hardy seagrass whose roots can cling on to ROCKS. Yes, ROCKS! We found these in a tidepool on a rocky beach. Below: Phyllospadix flowers in foreground.
The anemones get pretty big in this part of the world and very colourful!
For more photos, visit the ISBW website at:

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