Sep 21, 2008

TeamSeagrass is Two: celebrating two years of seagrass monitoring

Yes, TeamSeagrass will be TWO! And to celebrate our anniversary, we're having a brand new team badge.
Two dugongs for two years of hard work for our seagrass meadows. If you love dugongs, you should love seagrasses. And TeamSeagrass sure love dugongs and seagrasses and our shores!

The badge will be launched at our TeamSeagrass Orientation on 27 Sep (Sat). Stocks are limited, so if you want to be sure to get one, come for our fun and meaningful session on seagrassy stuff!

If you've always wanted to join TeamSegrass, don't hesitate any longer!

How to join? Simply email these details
(a) your full name
(b) your age
(c) your email address
(d) your contact number
(e) any previous experience
to Ria at, please put "TeamSeagrass" in your subject header.

Please do read the FAQs before you sign up for more details about the programme.

See you at the Orientation!

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