Jun 6, 2009

TeamSeagrass at Youth Eco-Fiesta 2009

The Team is back out to share about our seagrasses and shores at Youth Eco-Fiesta 2009. Held in the heartlands of Tampines, the Fiesta celebrates World Environment Day with a festival of youth talents. The NPark Biodiversity Trail was also invited to participate.Wei Ling put together a great booth of TeamSeagrass and the Coral Nursery for the Trail.
Since Minister Mah Bow Tan was the Guest of Honour, there was lots of media too!Part of the Trail was a Quiz which lots of people participated in.
They had some questions to answer which they could find out by looking at the exhibits and talking to the volunteers.
The Quiz is a big hit! Some get a little help from mum.While others do it gamely on their own.
We had various interested visitors too with lots of questions about our seagrasses and our shores.
Even the youngest ones dropped by the booth.
Of course it was a delight to welcome Minister Mah to the booth and share with him the work being done on our seagrasses.

Thanks to everyone who came to help out! Andy, Ivan, Robin, Shufen, Kevin and of course Wei Ling as always taking care of everything.

More about the Fiesta on the wild shores of singapore blog.

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