Jun 25, 2009

Tuas Monitoring 25 Jun 09

This is the 2nd monitoring session in Tuas this year. Today the tide was really really really good and we could see many many many marine creatures. Thanks to Helen who was busy snapping away so that I could have enough photos to post on the web =).

As usual for the tuas site, we usually have a short recap of the monitoring technique to be used before we start the monitoring. We were at first so worried about the weather as it was pouring yesterday but today it was fine!

I must say the seagrass growing near the fenceline were really big and fat and that is a good sign as it shows that the marine ecosystem is doing pretty well in the Tuas area. After 30 mins of monitoring, we started our marine creature treasure hunt!

Among our treasure finds are the anemone shrimp, 3 cute sting rays, a few flat fishes, a beautiful anemone and a seahorse! Surprisingly, it is the first time i saw such a big seahorse on our coastline. The 3 sting rays were also very playful as they keep circling around us as we stood there to observe them.
Despite the short walk that we had, we had such great and interesting findings considering that it is also in broad daylight. My colleagues truly enjoy the walk so much and they are already looking forward to the next monitoring already!

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koksheng said...

Wah...that cool white colour anemone is so special! I wonder what it is.