Jan 9, 2010

TeamSeagrass featured in My Green Space

The latest issue of My Green Space by NParks has a feature about TeamSeagrass!
Wei Ling and Siti have contributed an article entitled Seagrass: Dugong Food for Thought which shares fascinating facts about our seagrasses. For example, we have 12 species of seagrasses. That's a good portion of the 23 species found in the Indo-Pacific Region!

They also share about TeamSeagrass and how we carry out scientific and non-destructive monitoring of Singapore's seagrass habitats. The data gathered is sent to the Seagrass-Watch headquarters, which then analyses the trends and condition of seagrass habitats on a local, regional and global scale. This data helps us to better understand and manage Singapore's marine habitats.

So bravo for the Team! And thanks to Wei Ling and Siti for sharing about our work!

There's also other interesting articles on the latest My Green Space Vol 4 Issue 1/2010 from the NParks website.

You can also win prizes of books, commemorative coins and shopping vouchers by participating in some simple contests.

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