Oct 26, 2011

Chek Jawa (26 Oct 2011)

Uh oh! Big black clouds are gathering over Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa!
That didn't stop a small team of enthusiastic volunteers from heading out to monitor seagrasses!

Here's Yen-Ling and some of our newest volunteers on the way to Pulau Ubin. It poured as we waited for the van, but the rain stopped by the time we arrived at Chek Jawa!
We were welcomed at Chek Jawa by mama pig and her piglets! Andy last week reported that Mama had a fish hook in her mouth! Fortunately, Andy reported that the fish hook was removed soon after. Today, I learnt HOW the hook was removed!
After gearing up, we head out under large cool clouds for the seagrass meadows at Chek Jawa.
Oops, I forgot to take a group photo again. Here's the team heading out to the far Site 2, led by Chay Hoon and Yen-Ling.
While the team doing Site 1 is carefully heading out to our start point. We enjoy glorious bright but cloudy and cool weather through out trip!
Regina and Jialing are doing a great job at monitoring even though it's their first time doing it!
Today, there's lots of Sea lettuce seaweed (Ulva sp.) everywhere, washing up in piles even in the middle of the seagrass meadows. Despite this, there's lots of seagrasses too. And the Smooth ribbon seagrass (Cymodocea rotundata) still covers a large area.
We are soon done with monitoring! And have a quick look around as we headed back. Sue and Siti here are taking a closer look at a pair of Hairy seahares (Bursatella leachii) which seem to be coming into season.
It was great to have with us today: Regina, Jialing, Jerome, Yifeng, Sue, Siti Zaleha, Chay Hoon, Kah Ming, Yen-ling, Wanzhen, Ethel.

Thanks to Wei Ling and Siti for organising everything for us even though they couldn't come. Also thanks to Ben for sorting out the van transport!

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