Oct 9, 2011

New seagrass blog - by Siti!

There's an awesome new blog by the World Seagrass Association. And our very own Siti is managing it!
She has very kindly featured our Cyrene Reef seagrass meadows in a recent post on this blog! There's lots of other interesting posts too!

Like more information about the timely "Seagrass Syllabus for resource managers", a quick reference guide for use in the field that also provides general information about seagrass ecosystems. The manual also covers threats to seagrass ecosystems, provides tools for monitoring and managing seagrass ecosystems, and ways to identify and prioritise local communication needs and develop appropriate communication tools.
The manual was developed by The World Seagrass Association and Seagrass-Watch in partnership with Conservation International.

There's lots more posts with fascinating insights into field work on seagrasses throughout the world! From Croatia to Corsica. So check out the World Seagrass Association blog!

The World Seagrass Association is a global network of scientists and coastal managers committed to research, protection and management of the world’s seagrasses. 

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