May 4, 2012

Seagrassy stories on the World Seagrass Association blog in May

Seagrasses will be featured on the World Seagrass Association blog that Siti is managing, in celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May. Drop by the blog to check up on the latest stories!
Photo by Michael J. Durako
In the first of these stories, Michael J. Durako shares about seagrass monitoring "Down Under". This included a helicopter seagrass survey! This method is used because of "the high tidal range (4 m), turbid water and presence of saltwater crocodiles". The method was found to be quite efficient and he shares "We were able to sample 126 sites in about 2 hours and never got our feet wet!".

Sigh. Back on Planet Singapore, crocodile-less and with plenty of low tides, we're resigned to wet booties and a long trudge. But this means we get to see more marine life close up! Looking forward to our upcoming trip in May after a short break in April.

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